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A Brief Overview


So, every high school all over the world has basically the same groups. You have the strong guys, the A-listers, the drifters, the outsiders, the wallflowers, and the cryptics. But let’s face it, people don’t fit neatly into stereotypes, and God has his own labels. Sons. Accepted. Forgiven. Beloved. Cherished. The Logoria Series explores the lives of a group of teens, their struggles, their uncertainties, their family and friends. Each character will discover a new part of himself, and hopefully, along the way, you will too.


Logoria is a small city. Bigger than Mayberry, but smaller than Reno. Most of the stories happen here. There are only two public high schools our characters attend. Logoria High school is located on the East side and has a very high rate of academic success.  It is sponsored by the upper-class residents of Logoria and many of the students attending there live in considerably nicer neighborhoods.  Wellis High school, located on the West side of Logoria, is a very old building in need of repair.  Many of the students who attend Wellis live in public housing or low income neighborhoods.


Martin West is popular, but not always in a good way. Basketball is his passion, he attends Logoria High school, and he’s the only son of two successful, black parents. His father is the District Attorney for Logoria and his mother is a University professor. Martin has a temper, and that’s how our series starts.

Maxwell Shaw is Martin’s best friend. He’s an outgoing, fun loving type, but struggles with his home life and has a strong addiction.

Jennifer Smith is Latina and lives with her mother and two younger siblings. A veteran Christian, she’s motherly and kind, but sometimes judges, and speaks, too quickly.

Tammie McLeod has a sweet spirit, but is an introvert. She finds it hard to confide in anyone, except her best friend, Jennifer. She’s the oldest of four children and attends Wellis High. She’s looking for love, but not in the right places.

Johnny Reese deals with heavy personal burdens that make him withdrawn and unsure of himself. He has very few friends and tries to solve his problems on his own.

These five characters set the stage for the series. There are many more books in the works, but the first five are available for download now on multiple platforms, including Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and the Apple iBook store. Check out the Bookstore for links. The series books are also available through Overdrive to some local libraries.

You can view the current trailers for these books by clicking on the title in the bookstore. I hope you enjoy the series. Please rate and review the books as you read them.

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