Save Me
Series: Logoria Series, Book 1
Genre: Christian Teen Fiction
Publisher: Smashwords
Publication Year: 2014
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9781458072085
Martin West thinks the world is against him. His parents are furious with him for fighting in school and leave him with his bible-quoting youth pastor for four days! Martin’s anger soon reaches the boiling point, and he takes it out on everyone around him. The message of God’s love challenges Martin to consider his choices, but will it be enough to stop him from taking revenge?
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About the Book

Martin West is an angry teen living in the quiet city of Logoria. He gets away with a lot of bad behavior, but after starting a fight in his high school’s cafeteria, his parents have had enough. They send him away during his week of suspension, and Martin has to deal with the consequences of his out of control behavior.

Guided by the cautious words of his youth pastor and the prayers of his parents, Martin finally comes face to face with his true self. Brought to a turning point in his life, Martin has to decide between forsaking the path of his past and embracing a new way. His predicament leaves him with two painfully conflicting decisions: either give in to the flesh or submit fully to God.

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