Don’t Judge Me
Series: Logoria Series, Book 3
Genre: Christian Teen Fiction
Publisher: Smashwords
Publication Year: 2014
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9781310652561
Jennifer Smith isn’t new to the Christian walk. She’s always tried to live out the faith she believes in, but sometimes it gets hard. Like when your little sister won’t leave you alone. Or your father, who only comes around when he needs something, decides he needs to visit for a weekend. Or when your best friend betrays you. Can her love for the Lord outweigh her frustrations?
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About the Book

The third book of the Logoria Series follows Jennifer Smith. She’s young, she’s pretty, she’s confident. Her mother loves her, her friends adore her and her siblings annoy her. Popular, sweet, and generally positive, Jennifer tries to live a life pleasing to God. But, when the father she’s rarely seen reenters her life, Jennifer’s emotions flip-flop and her attitude takes a nose dive into self-righteousness and criticism. Jennifer judges the people around her too quickly and hurts the very people God has placed in her life to help.

Jennifer learns a hard and humbling lesson when she is challenged with the weaknesses of those around her and, more importantly, her own flaws. She finds herself in unfamiliar territory when she’s forced to look past the sweet young girl she sees in the mirror every day and face the blemishes of her soul. To transition into the next stage of her spiritual growth, Jennifer must see herself for what she truly is: lost without Christ. Jennifer struggles to trust Christ with her life and must learn to judge herself before judging the people around her.

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