Since this is my site, I won’t refer to myself in the third person.

This is me

I am a Christian first and always. I have a degree in Biblical Studies and Theology and a soul saved by grace and faith in Jesus Christ. I’m a mother, a wife, a freelance writer, and an avid lover of books. I love kids and have a stack of puzzles I’m still waiting to get to in my free time. I enjoy learning new things, meeting all kinds of people, and discovering hidden gems in my neighborhood.

This is my style

My writing is meant to instruct, to inspire, and to encourage. My site is a combination of my personal thoughts and my platform. In it you will find stories, skits, and projects I’m working on, as well as articles, devotionals, and personal prayers. I strive for honesty in my writing, though sometimes that may make it… uncomfortable. I prefer to write about things that matter, though I do have a whimsy side, which you’ll see from time to time.

This is my background

I was born in the West, educated in the South, and seasoned in the North. My ideas, perspectives, and quirks are a unique blend of all three. I dabble in many things, but I’ve discovered that all of my endeavors eventually circle back to my talents as a writer. I’ve given up trying to fight it, I am what I am. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Happy reading!