Starting Again

Life is full of adjustments. This past year I’ve had to make quite a few. New baby, new place, new friends, new focus. Where did I last leave you? Hmm…


Oh yes! Derailed. I was working on finishing the series, making it publishable, and presenting it to you, um, many summers ago. Do you remember Derailed? Eight strangers trapped in a subway car find themselves in the middle of a deep scandal (and a sinkhole). I think it’s a story worth finishing, so I’ll give it another try. It’s at the top of my list, so I should have some definitive dates available soon.




The Logoria Series

And we can’t forget the Logoria Series, now can we? Christian teen series, left a giant cliffhanger in book five… hmm, well I’d better finish book six. I won’t spoil the story for those of you who haven’t read it, but the next book will reveal the outcome for the hero of the series, Martin West.





Ah. Blogging. That’s the last one. I’m in a weird place right now. Something very surreal just happened. I’m sure you’re aware of it, if January 20th means anything to you. Anyway, I might be a bit… frazzled on the blogging side. I love to ramble, don’t get me wrong, but I feel that now, more than ever, blogging should be relevant and useful. So, I’ll try to stick to relevant and useful topics. Unfortunately, that may mean my blog will look like pickles and ice cream for a while (things that don’t go together, except under special circumstances).

So yeah, that’s it for now.

Oh, if you look closely, you can see a frog in the picture. Do you see it? I nearly stepped on it, so I know now to be more careful in the spring months after a long rain.

I’ve just decided I should make this a weekly visit. The site could use a fresh look too I think. I’ll look into that in the next week or so. Until next time!

– Phylicia

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