The Top Twenty Reasons Why I Chose Teen Lit

While reading a writing blog and doing some general middle of the night contemplation one of the suggestions struck me as interesting. The suggestion simply stated that, as a writer, I should “give of myself.” I figured it couldn’t hurt. At worst, I’ll bore you, at best I’ll inspire and encourage you. So I’m going to share a bit of myself. Hopefully, by the end of it, you’ll know a little more about me. Maybe, down the road, I’ll post some similar topics.

So here it is:

The Top Twenty Reasons Why I Chose To Write Teen Literature.


Reason #20. Because I’m not ready to write about anything else yet.

Reason #19. Because high school was a turning point for me. I literally went from super invisible to super popular in the space of two years. Not the “everyone wanted to date me” popular, but the “everyone knew who I was” popular. Just to clarify.

Reason #18. Because middle school was such a nightmare it was permanently blotted from my memory.

Reason #17. Because age 16 – 18 were some of the best years of my life.

Reason #16. Because when I was confused I received guidance and comfort from the books I read.

Reason #15. Because I had my first kinda boyfriend in high school, and my first kinda fiance, too.

Reason #14. Because my first heartbreak was in my teens.

Reason #13. Because in many ways I still don’t fit in with the grown ups.

Reason #12. Because I love teens. Except on early morning train rides.

Reason #11. Because I want to warn my daughter before she gets there.

Reason #10. Did I mention that middle school was a nightmare?

Reason #9. Because I started writing the series while I was in high school.

Reason #8. Because someone told me once when I was a teenager that teenagers have nothing to worry about. I suspected they were wrong. I know now I was right.

Reason #7. Because I had the best youth group and youth pastor ever, and I hope to see more youth groups connect on a real level.

Reason #6. Because I didn’t know much then, and I think I know more now.

Reason #5. Because I came to Christ as a teen.

Reason #4. Because, even though I can’t go back, I know teenage me would appreciate the things I write about; so today’s teenage someone else will probably appreciate them, too.

Reason #3. Because it helps me to remember my best self. Teenage me was awesome!

Reason #2. Because adolescence was hard ten years ago, is brutal today, and will probably be worse ten years from now.

Reason #1. Because sin and fear and betrayal and abuse don’t wait until you become an adult to make an appearance.

~ Phylicia

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