Fifth Book in the Christian Teen Series to be Released

Hey LS fans!

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for book 5 in the Logoria Series, guess what? Your wait is almost over! Book 5 will be the last series book this year, but more exciting books by the author will be coming out soon!


Johnny Reese is hurting and he wants to protect his family. He seeks refuge from the cult leader of the S.K.U.L.L.S. and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his mother and siblings safe. Martin West is having a hard time coping without his best friend, Max Shaw. He’s lashing out and losing control, and Jennifer’s new relationship with Johnny Reese is driving him crazy! Max Shaw is adjusting to life on the other side of the tracks, but danger lurks on all sides.

Clouded by doubts, unspoken hurts and forces outside of their control, these young teens take an emotional journey that challenges faith in the face of pain. 


The fifth installment of the Logoria Series, Why Did You Hurt Me?, will be available for free download beginning August 28, 2014 on Smashwords and other retailers. Download info can be accessed through the Bookstore.

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